Satellite broadband

Satellite broadband can is simply the process of downloading data from the Internet using a dish antenna. It hardly requires any physical infrastructure such as those used in cable broadband services and others.

Satellite broadband service in fact, is very reliable since it can be accessed almost from anywhere.

   Types & Features:

Generally, satellite connections come up in two different types: one-way and two-way connections. The one-way connection enables the user to have communication with the Internet in one direction. It allows downloading information from the Internet at high speeds via satellite achievable whereas its uploading is non achievable. A two-way Satellite Internet service on the other hand, enables the internet connection with receiving and transmitting facility in both sending and receiving data. This capability helps to achieve transmission at the rate of 80 times faster than dial-up or cable service. This is made possible by a download speed of 512Kbps and upload speed of 128Kbps.

Wireless vs satellite


Satellite broadband renders the advantage of wide availability; to find their efficiency in areas where other technologies like DSL and cable are inefficient. The installation of broadband services in remote areas becomes a dream come true to the subscribers. In addition to that, a single satellite service has the capability of sustaining a large number of clients within that satellite track. This makes them more suited for business men, having a spread of offices or branch locations to get in touch with their headquarters.

Moreover, connection to the Internet via satellite with up to 2mb helps in downloading web pages, programs and multimedia within a fraction of time. Surprisingly, they also help in having connections at a lower cost, higher speeds, and have reliable links to the Internet directly to your PC. Therefore, preventing delays on telephone lines and leased lines etc. With all these features and advantages, satellite broadband services form one of the most reliable modes of broadband service to the world.