Scientists Working hard

How to Become a Scientist

If you’ve ever wanted to get into science, you know there’s no shortage of opportunities. There are thousands of careers listed on job sites like LinkedIn, and thousands more that aren’t listed. But becoming a scientist isn’t as simple as looking up a career on a website and picking the first thing that looks interesting. In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take...
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Electronic Lab Notebooks

The A – Z Guide To ELNs

Introduction An Electronic Lab Notebook or ELN, the widely-adopted and most competent digital platform, has eased laboratory work by leaps and bounds and brought about revolutionary changes by offering seamless workflows, templates, and quick report generation capabilities. It has made the research activities for the scientists and researchers a breeze like never before!  Do you need to...
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Broadband Commercial providers. Part II

PIPEX Drive Down Costs And Drive Up Productivity PIPEX is one of UK's chief providerS of telecommunications solutions to business and suburban customers and also the first commercial Internet Service Providers (ISP). Pipex offers an absolute choice of internet, hosting, security and telecommunications services to residential and business customers. However, with their quality service they has...
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