SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development

Are you looking to integrate SAP into your platform? SAP Cloud Platform, commonly known as SCP, is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that gives a development and runtime environment for your cloud applications. The platform is based on SAP HANA, which is a high-quality in-memory database technology. While using the platform, SCP will enable you to use independent software vendors (ISVs) to create and use HANA-based applications on the cloud. Rapid app development is an indispensable aspect of the business. Pillir offer great tips and tricks for SAP modern application development.

The Benefits of Using the SAP Cloud Platform in Your Business

Your Business Gets a Seamless Integration of the Existing Solutions

Having an SAP cloud platform ensures that your business enjoys a smooth interaction between the SAP systems and the data management suite tools. Following this, all the users can call up data from different systems within seconds.

You Enjoy Rapid Deployment of Premeditated Applications

When your business has the SAP cloud platform, you can quickly access a massive selection of preconfigured business services. These are usually ready-made application components that can be integrated into one. Your technical team can collect all these from the SAP store and compile them into a perfect application.

Your Business Can Quickly Develop Native Applications

The SAP cloud platform brings together thousands of IT experts. Each one brings their range of app development tools and capabilities, making it easier for collaborations. With SAP, you can foster simple developments of native business applications and solve problems in your business world. You can create new applications and processes for your business.

The Business Enjoys a Holistic Life-Cycle for the Management

Working with API (Applications Interfaces) in the business can be a tough call, especially in management. With the SAP cloud platform, you will get an easier way to gain a more competitive edge. Remember that API is a critical component of a great business; you must have a solid foundation for the management. SAP cloud platform ensures that you have that holistic life-cycle in your interface management.

Users Enjoy Using the Experience

How do you measure the success of an app? You can only measure it through user acceptance. The more users on the app, the more successful it is. With SAP cloud platform rapid application development, users enjoy a better interface for the apps. They can open the application on their mobile devices as effectively as they can on their desktop devices.

You Enhance the Value of Your Other Applications

Do you have other applications running in the cloud or on your business premises? Well, upgrading them to the SAP cloud platform offers safe connectivity. You can then streamline the new applications without worrying about the cost of ownership. In the end, your business enhances the value of all the applications.

Developers Have More Productivity

Your employees’ productivity often translates into the business’s profitability. While on the SAP cloud platform, your employees access open programming standards, enabling them to build business applications quickly. They can even work in conjunction with SAP or non-SAP solutions without requiring new coding.

Enhanced ROI, Reduced Costs

Using the SAP cloud platform does not require you to input any initial investment in new hardware or software tools. This applies to both customers and businesses hence reducing the operational costs. Your company enjoys increased return on investment and reduced costs. It is great for any business.

How to Choose the Best SAP Cloud Platform

Source and Target Complexity

If you are getting your data from different sources and targets, you need a more complex SAP cloud platform than a company that uses only one source. Consider your business needs when setting out on the acquisition.

Amount of Data under Review

How much data is your business working with? If all your data is offline, you will need more sophisticated systems. This will help minimise the downtime of your systems and cater to all interdependencies in your data.


Every business owner hopes to expand their business and franchise. As such, you need a SAP cloud platform that is quickly adjustable and scalable when the time to upgrade comes. Remember that downgrading also calls for scalability.


How secure is the SAP cloud platform? Rather, what security concerns and requirements does your business have? Businesses handle loads of data, some of which are confidential and sensitive. It needs to be secure so that it doesn’t leak to the general population or unwanted persons. You need to control the access to your documents, reports, and all the data on the cloud.

Your IT Infrastructure

Do you have the right infrastructure to handle the SAP cloud platform? While the platform requires no new hardware or software, you must ensure that your IT house can handle the new project. They need to be skilled and experienced in the SAP cloud platform.

Instances When Your Business Should Use the SAP Cloud Platform

There are several scenarios that require the use of the SAP cloud platform. Here is when you should use them.

  • You are handling huge volumes of data
  • You need to perform data analysis, reporting, and profiling
  • You want to load data to your SAP systems directly
  • You need data quality reporting
  • You need to analyse data before you can migrate
  • The business requires de-duplication
  • You have a huge number of data sources and targets


SAP cloud platform is the most essential technology that your business can adopt when developing applications. Besides the speed and efficacy, the platform also enables you to create a more functional application for your users. Your business’s productivity depends on how happy your clients are.