Broadband Commercial providers. Part I

AOL Broadband

One of the worlds’s leading media and Entertainment Companies is also the best-known broadband and content provider. Having more than 33 million members worldwide and provides its services in and around the UK.

In general, AOL provides one of the cheaper broadband packages with almost all advanced features with it. It, in deed is the most suited broadband service, if you are using the internet for the first time. The reasons are many.


AOL comes up with various features that have made it a chip above its competitors. It is always easy to install AOL connection to your PC and at the same time makes the navigation easier with its colorful browser. By being an instant messenger AOL also makes its e-mail option more reliable, and provides a new spyware protection. In addition to these, AOL enables trouble free surfing, without any interruption on the successful installation of its broadband software. AOL comes up with many attractive packages that are cheaper in the market. Some of their products include AOL Broadband Gold, AOL Broadband Platinum, AOL Broadband Silver and etc.


AOL Broadband Gold: This package comes with 7 free email accounts. In addition, it offers a 20MB virtual storage mailbox, and allows the subscriber to store up to 1000 unread emails per mailbox all with attachments of up to 16 MB in size. The package also includes a special Parental Control, that enables its user to monitor what their children see online.

AOL Broadband Platinum:

The special feature with this package is that, it has no download limits, and enables the customers to set up home networks, in cases where more than one computer benefits from the same connection. Its additional features also includes, parental controls, anti virus software with spam filters.

Toucan broadband

Wide Range Coverage Of Broadband And Phone Bundles

Toucan broadband service is a division of London based IDT Telecom, operating in 22 countries around the world. Toucan continues to be amongst the leading broadband service providers in the UK.

However, being a home phone provider, toucan benefits its customers through its wide range coverage of broadband and phone bundles. They serve the people in telecommunication solutions in such a way, that only few among its competitors are able to comepare with the scope, quality and reliability offered by them. They have satisfied customers around the world with their Stable and an unrivalled pedigree of communication. Their committed obligation in bringing unbeatable service and upbeat value makes them of course the most reliable broadband service to date. In addition to this, they also provide directory enquiry phone line service facility.


Toucan adds a number of special features to its quality broadband service regularly. They’ve come up with a special package called the Family friendly Toucan broadband offering varieties of packages to go well with every broadband user. They provide limitation free service with their unlimited packages. With these packages they also allow you to enjoy unlimited fast internet through out the whole month. Moreover, the Toucan ISP makes its customers free of all confusing, complicated terms and restrictions by providing a great service in an easy to understand set-up. This Set-up is absolutely free, with a free modem.


Toucan has many advantages over all its stiff competitors. First and foremost they offer both home phone tariffs and Toucan broadband packages to all. These packages come with added advantages like a ToucanTalk 2-For-All Modem, which is easy to install. One Single bill for 25MB Webspace. Additionally, they also provide you with an online account management with Technical support @10p per minute. They help also in keeping your existing number valid. All these features, with added advantages make Toucan a more reliable broadband, in terms of quality and service they provide than any other service providers.

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