Botley the computer coding robot

Will you like to introduce your kids to coding? From a recent study conducted by Gallup, you are not alone. There are several parents out there who will like to introduce their children to coding. 1 in 4 schools offers computer science classes. But, about nine out of ten parents will like their children to know how to tackle coding challenges through learning computer science. Many parents, I included will like to access tools which they can use to teach children computer coding without having to spoil their budgets. The tool should be as well easy to apply so that children will not feel like they have turned their weekends into school days. If you are searching for coding tools to solve your coding challenges, but you do not how where to start; then you should consider Botley the computer coding robot.

It has different features to interact with your children and make them develop the necessary skills they need to become programmers. I received the robot to test with my children. We sited down for the whole weekend with my two children. One aged 7 and the other 11 years old. The tool represented different challenges as we interacted with it. Here is a review of how the toy responded to different coding challenges as we interacted with it.

What is Botley?

The robot is in a square plastic which comes with removable arms which can be applied to accomplish different tasks. There are four lights at the top which corresponds with different commands which you will be giving the robot as you learn. There is also a nine bottom remote control provided upon buying the robot. When you turn the robot to the coding mode, the remote can be applied to program and transmit the commands to the toy. It is very easy to program Botley. There are 4 large buttons on the remote which represents commands like move forward, right, left or backward. Your child needs only to locate the direction he will like to move Botley and press on the button for Botley to respond. Once Botley receives the code upon pressing on the button, he will make some form of noises and start executing the code.

Why Botley Is Great When Getting Introduced To Coding?

Botley may sound like a lame RC car, but it is a perfect introduction tool to programming. When writing a computer programming, you must
input a series of commands to the computer for it to execute. Botley is a smart way to introduce children to programming. The complexity of Botley is adjustable which makes it easy to introduce kids to the language of coding. If you have young children, you can start by simple commands and increase the level of hardness as you teach older children. For older kids, Botley can take up to 100 steps long commands.

Children can as well use buttons to create code loops so that they can have instructions being repeated. Object detection allows children to execute the If/Then types of statements. I gave the toy to my two boys to play in a matter of hours. But, the toy was interactive to an extent where they spent the whole weekend playing with the toy. The young one was happy to educate programming commands in a simple step. But, the older was able to command the toy so that it can perform complex obstacle courses. He even proceeded to program the toy to fetch a water bottle which he had placed on a floor. The bottle was in another room which made me realize the toy has a lot when it comes to introducing children to programming.

Apart from the remote control, Botley comes accompanied with several tools which can expand its capabilities. It includes programming cards which has various command icons. Children can use the cards to give Botley specific courses so that he can follow. There are also plastic blocks proved for the kit to stay engaging as possible. Botley comes with easy to follow manual. But, it is even more fun after you get used to it and start doing your own things. It is an excellenttangible way you can use to introduce your children to coding. It is a fun way to introduce children to computer programming .You can equate it with courses such as Hours of Code, Apples Swift Playgrounds and Scratch.

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