Cloud skills for software developers

Integration of operation skills with development knowledge is becoming a popular trend which falls under DevOps. DevOps is a process whereby IT operations and software development teams work hand in hand in the whole process of designing to production. The outcome is always great since you will always get better working software which matches the expectations. This is because operation and development teams shared vital insights about the project.

Managers will always hire a technologist who is skilled, creative and can embrace teamwork. Network professionals should be ready to draw from a large pool of resources like DevOps, security, cloud, AI and much more.

High demand for inclusive data centre skills

In the near future, data centres that use the software in scaling and optimizing their environments will realize enormous success. Server monitoring role will eventually become extinct since it will upgrade to a more technical role than system management.

This development increases the roles associated with facility management in the technology sector. Skills such as heat and cooling management, power management, and other skills are being integrated into data management tasks.

Cloud Computing

Cloud is the next big thing since it opens a window for data centre and network professionals who want to increase their income and impress the corporate sector.

Most employers train their IT teams on cloud computing first, then followed by security, data science, project management and artificial intelligence. Studies have shown that cloud computing skills will be in high demand in the coming year. Three out of five skills that are in high demand are dominated by cloud. The research was based results from over 2800 IT executives from major US markets.

Demand is what makes data centres to be cloud-ready. The main challenge is finding people who are equipped with cloud computing skills and talent. Anyone who has been exposed to cloud migration, cloud readiness and cloud management will be in high demand in the coming year.

Cloud computing is a popular trend that is being explored and implemented by many companies in the private and public sector. These companies need personnel who have been exposed to different cloud facets and understand how it can benefit the organization. Unfortunately, it is hard for most companies to find skilled IT experts( 87% of the surveyed companies).

Security is a top priority when considering the cloud. Since there is an increase in data breaches, most companies won’t adopt technologies that can’t prevent cyber-attacks. They look for experts who understand data security, web security and app security.

Companies who engage their customers through the web are faced with a threat in their data privacy. Although companies understand the effects of hacking, they also know the greater benefits of the cloud. We, therefore, need effective cloud security for secure network services.

Secure network segmentation

Apart from focusing on development, network professionals are tasked with the responsibility of implementing ideas that can create secure network services.
Integrating security and network can have great benefits. You can easily deal tackle security issues if you implement a design a network that also addresses security. It better to avoid security issues than to solve them.

According to experts, network professionals can play a vital role in ensuring that the data of the business and customers remains secure. Secure network segmentation can increase secure zones for sensitive information and apps that can monitor the entire network. Such designs can help customers who own several clients tapping cloud services. This can be achieved by designing different environments where the apps, data and traffic reside.

Traffic scrubbing is also one of the important network security skills. This type of service prioritization ensures that filters are able to recognize offensive traffic, remove it and secure the network without necessarily losing internet access. Network managers are being given the responsibility of executing security roles by their CIOs due to recent trends such as cloud and IoT. Network managers should also understand IPv6.

Network specialists who only understand IPv4 will eventually be in trouble. Troubleshooting will be a major challenge for network pros who don’t understand IPv6.However, the major changes in the technology sector will increase the demand for network professionals in 2019.

You should ensure that much of the data is moved from the data centre to the cloud. If the organization’s data is in the data centre, then you should have an effective and high-performance channel to access it.

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