Things you can do to improve the performance of your Slow broadband

We wish to offer you the best broadband speeds for you to be able to enjoy doing the things that you love at your home. In case your home broadband appears not to be as fast as it’s supposed to be, it’s good that you start to check the status of services in your area. In case all the things look good, then you can try doing the following things so that you can improve the performance.

1. Checking the connection

You can start by looking at the BT Hub which is plugged into a master socket. It’s usually found in the living room or hall and it’s the main socket where your telephone line usually comes into the house. While you’re checking it you’ll realize that there so many kinds of master sockets which are available. In case it has one port, then you can use a microfilter so that you can allow the phone services and broadband to work simultaneously. A microfilter refers to a small device which plugs into a socket and has ports for connecting Hub and phone line. Therefore you can go online and make calls simultaneously.

2. Is your hub placed in the right direction?

The position where you place your hub in your home can affect the speed of your broadband and strength of Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, you must ensure that you place it in the best possible direction since if you’re closer to your hub, you will notice that the signal will be stronger.

3. Turning off Wi-Fi for all your devices

It’s important that you try to turn off your Wi-Fi connection for all your devices and reboot the whole system so that you can improve the performance of your Wi-Fi.

4. Check to see if you’re sharing your connection

It’s important that you try to find out the all the devices which are connected to your Wi-Fi connection. In case you have connected your smart TV, smartphone or tablet then your internet speed will be slower. Some of the things such as downloading or streaming videos online are bandwidth intensive and may take longer, therefore you can try to disconnect some of the devices that you are not using.

5. Leaving your hub switch on

If you turn your Hub off then your line may look unstable which can lead to reduced speed. For you to get the best speeds it’s good that you leave your Hub on 24/7.

6. Do you require a kit upgrade?

The length of time that you have used your devices may determine the performance of your broadband. In case you’ve got an old router, then it’s good that you consider updating it to one our smart Hubs. What you must know is that our smart hub is the most powerful one in the UK and also the best compared to other large broadband service providers. Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy a fast Wi-Fi signal around your home.

In case you have an Ultrafast Plus or Complete Wi-Fi then you’re in a position of getting our next generation Smart Hub. Our hub is the smartest one and has been predicted to deliver fast speeds for your home. It’s obvious that older tablets, laptops, and phones can have a slow Wi-Fi connection compared to the new gadgets. On the other hand, large gadgets such as laptops can have a better Wi-Fi connection when compared to smartphones since they’ve got a wider wireless antenna.

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