Relocation of information technology

It can be a risky and costly activity for any business. It is imperative that computers, servers, cables, telephones, and other such equipment are handled with immense care so as to maintain their integrity and performance for the business.

IT equipment, including servers, requires extra attention and responsibility. Furniture, lighting, fixtures, and other items also require that they be handled with care, but IT equipment is high-maintenance and demanding. It requires additional care, and hence strategic planning. And this is our forte. It does not matter whether you need to relocate an entire data center or just a small portion of it, Moving has the expertise and skill that your business requires.

Not just heedful, but calculated

Know that your servers and other IT equipment is offline when being moved. This means that it is significantly affecting your business. Your clients can’t reach you, and that is something you definitely can’t afford. Your clients need to know that you are there for them, and this is where we bring in our expertise. We understand you, and work with you towards creating a well thought-out and calculated plan so that we can minimize the duration that your servers are offline. Most of the times, we develop a phased relocation plan. This means that while most of your servers are being moved, some are left online and right where they are.

relocation moving movers boxes

Perfect execution

Although a tactical plan is highly important, perfect implementation is even more vital for your business. Your IT equipment is of immense value to your business, so we make it our value and priority to give excellent attention to it. We carefully tag, label, secure, and transport each piece of your precious IT equipment.

How to ensure safety and efficiency

  • Have completely insured our relocation services against loss or damage.
  • Never leave your IT equipment unattended.
  • Carefully label each of your items.
  • Bring in custom-built containers and crates, if required.
  • Disconnect all cables before moving, and reconnect them when they reach their destination.

Trained movers

Because keeping your investment and equipment safe is our priority, we have greatly invested in our crew by training them to become the best of the best when it comes to moving IT infrastructure. Our workers undergo a strict selection process and afterwards receive extra training.
Your IT equipment’s safety is of great importance to our workers, which is why they handle it with excellent care. They know that IT equipment is sensitive and also know the moving procedures that are related to data centers.

High-class transportation

So your requirements have been noted, your equipment is carefully disassembled and packed up; now it is time to move your equipment to its destination. We have the latest transportation system so you can rest assured that your IT equipment is in safe hands and on safe wheels. So long as they are packed up properly, your items will reach their destination safe and sound.

Protective packaging
We use high-quality packing materials so that your precious assets are fully protected from external forces.

Efficiency and speed
As your server rack movers, we take great pride in ensuring that your equipment is moved safely, as well as quickly.

On schedule
Because we have a vast fleet of vehicles and a large team, you can rest assured that your equipment will be moved punctually and smoothly.

Skilled relocation
Challenging yourself to move your IT equipment on your own can cause you a great loss if anything goes wrong. That is why we advise you to leave this move to the experts of equipment relocation. Our tools and expertise ensure the safety of your equipment. We are your server rack movers.

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