Understanding what does it mean to be mechanical engineering

Choosing the career path can be an overwhelming process for any high school student about to graduate. But if you already know that you would like to pursue a mechanical engineer degree, and you do not have the knowledge of what does it entail to achieve this, then this is article might of assistance to you.

Now, firstly what we have to define is what does a mechanical engineer do. A mechanical engineer is a person who develops and designs machinery for different types of sectors. There is a wide range of areas that a mechanical engineer can specialize and work in. And it is a well-known fact that when you apply for a job, most companies require for the applicant to have a degree in engineering, although having a college degree does not guarantee that you are going to get hired.

But one of the things that you need to know is that being a mechanical engineer will give the option of being able to work in various types of industries that require the services of a mechanical engineer. Among the daily tasks that you will be required to do on a regular basis are: Design and Model- also known as CAD and CAM, this tool turns concepts into technical plans, you will also research and evaluate new products and inventions designed by other engineers, another task that you will be performing is developing plans and data.

Types of Industries that a mechanical engineer can work at

There are different industries that a mechanical engineer can get the working experience needed to be successful at what they do. Among these industries include armed forces, power, aerospace, construction and building, manufacturing, automotive, biomedical, process, railway and government.

Life is unpredictable

Something that you have to consider is that life can be unpredictable, due to the fact that you could have majored in one area and end up working on a field that you never thought you would be excellent at. For instance, you could have specialized in incorporated engineering and end up working as a consultant. Another factor that you have to consider is that you have to be able to handle high levels of stress when working as a mechanical engineer, due to the long hours that projects with deadlines require. But if you are passionate about what you do, then this is not a burden.

Famous people that majored in mechanical engineering

·Charles Koch-who was an American businessman and philanthropist.
·Ursula Burns-Who is the chairwoman and CEO of Xerox.
·Gus Grissom-who was the first Nasa Project Mercury astronaut.
·Franklin Chang-who is a physicist and former Nasa astronaut.
·William Sheperd-who is a former Navy Seal and astronaut.
·Sir Robert B. Horton-Former CEO of British Petroleum.
·Bill Nye-who is also known as the science guy. He is an American Science educator.
·Linda P.B.Katehi– She is a Greek-American engineer and university administrator.
·Ronald G. Garriques– President of Dell Global.

The list that I mentioned above shows you that life, in fact, can take you on a different career path. I hope that this guide was of use to you.

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