Croydon as the go-to place for digital recruitment services

Although Croydon is not a well-loved London borough in terms of architecture, the town is being promoted as an ideal place for digital recruitment services. A multi-billion pound rebuilding project is about to be implemented to make Croydon the next concrete jungle in the UK.

New glass apartments are already built in the East Croydon station. The regeneration project has also attracted attention from major broadsheets in the city describing Croydon as the new Barcelona. The town is being transformed into a great IT and digital system destination just like major cities in Europe.

Rainmaker Solutions has been chosen and appointed to act as Croydon’s digital partner. Rainmaker will act as the delivery system during the commissioning of the outsourced school ICT services. They will also be there to support Croydon as its outsourcing contract with Capita expires in 2019. This is a strong proof that Croydon has the capacity to be the best place for digital talents.

The main advantage of Croydon is that it can compete with the other boroughs in terms of the cost of space. Compared to more popular digital recruitment destinations, the price of a commercial space there is only a quarter of Aldgate districts. That is a big saving for business people. On top of that, work-life balance is another key element why the town has a high potential for digital recruitment and school ICT services.

There are many other factors why Croydon is attractive to digital recruiters and online workers. The town offers a unique work ambiance and feel. In the past, people would just pass through Croydon because they are traveling to the next town.

However, things are changing gradually. Many people are now discovering the convenience and ease of working that the town is offering to everyone. It’s only fifteen minutes away from London Bridge or 25 minutes to Victoria. digital workers can take advantage of accessibility and proximity to major establishments in the capital.

When listening to podcasts and reading blogs, Croydon used to have an unpretty reputation. It was common to hear unfavorable comments about this town. What they didn’t know is that it has some huge advantages when it comes to tech space. Each day, more and more IT people are being attracted to this lovely place for its ICT and digital recruitment opportunities.

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Working in the ICT industry in Croydon is truly interesting. Although there are still a lot of digital professionals that would choose not work in this place. They have various reasons for this and it’s hard to pinpoint what particular reason is common for all. When a survey was conducted, a majority of the partakers chose Brighton, South London as their top choice for digital recruitment.

However, Croydon is still an emerging destination for school ICT services and digital work. A wide diversity of staff including women represents a big percentage of the borough’s residents. Accessibility is Croydon’s most important asset. People are enjoying its proximity to London and Victoria but more importantly, they appreciate the work-life balance that this town can offer.

Although Croydon has promising potentials, it is still difficult to say that it can compete with the Amazons or the Googles. It’s still far from that point to the extent that they can only match with mid-sized firms. However, proper work-life balance is the biggest benefit that Croydon can offer. This is difficult to find from other places.

Most candidates would say that work-life balance is the most important factor for them even for those who are in the senior management position. There are women who are nursing their baby or recently got married. It’s important for them to be able to get a leave for a few days and spend time with their loved ones.

Being in charge of a large ICT company is challenging. However, the purpose and meaning that provides is priceless knowing that you are changing people’s lives. At the end of the day, people are not demanding. They only want a chance to work while having time for themselves and their family. This is what you call work-life balance.

Gone are the days when people stay in the ICT companies forat least 5 to 10  years. Most are working for a few couple years or probablyjust one project. After that they quickly move on to other jobs or start theirown business. This is why a ttracting them to Croydon is really something thatwe’re working on.

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