Broadband Commercial providers. Part II


Drive Down Costs And Drive Up Productivity

PIPEX is one of UK’s chief providerS of telecommunications solutions to business and suburban customers and also the first commercial Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Pipex offers an absolute choice of internet, hosting, security and telecommunications services to residential and business customers. However, with their quality service they has gained them admiration and reliability in providing a reliable service among the common people. With more advancement in recent years, they currently have over 170,000 broadband connections all around the UK. In addition, they have invariably have become a multi award winning, financially stable and profitable ISP among UK’s broadband service providers.


Pipex enables its customers in creating and promoting their own websites by bringing its ISP internet to UK businesses and by providing the first fully featured web community. With their quality service they extend their helping hand to small business people who need instruction on their first connectivity solution as well as for corporate requiring multi-site access. In this way they help the customers to use the Internet in making communication simple for their business. These features in turn, help PIPEX to lead the way as a market leader for over a decade.


Generally, PIPEX broadband packages drive down costs, drive up productivity, grow your customer base, and operates with limited funds. In fact, Pipex’s telecoms communications play an important and increasing role in meeting people’s goals. They try and make the problems of people as pain-free as possible. However, they help the customers by listening to them and getting a feel for their business like what it does, how it operates and what it wants to achieve today and in the future. Then based up on their observation, Pipex provides solution based around one or more of our services. With all these features and benefits, Pipex encourages people to rely on their products more to their benefit.


The Cheapest In The Business 

UK online are the cheapest in the business in and around UK today. They offer some of the lowest prices with the fastest speeds to customers who are on their broadband network.

Their cheapest unlimited broadband deal is perfect for every first hand broadband user. Every UK online centre creates that approachable environment, and provides well experienced people who help you get the best at all times. They also take credit of being the first ISP to present UK’s fastest home broadband service, at up to 8Mb, 1Mb for only £9.99 a month – through their own network all this irrespective. of being the cheapest


UK online comes up with advanced features in sending emails, shopping online or just finding information. Interestingly, these features come up with user friendly, helpful conditions which no others can provide. They have a connection fee of only £25 that will provide you with 1 MB boundless broadband connection by means of your existing phone line for £9.99 a month plus modem. In addition, they offer a bonus of 10 e-mail accounts, 100MB Webspace and a free spam filter. All these services come to you by using a new technology they call, ADSL2+ that is capable of providing service at higher speeds, of up to 22 Mb.


UK online has many advantages over other broadband services. Their services have a transmission range of 22Mb in Britain, starting at the price of £9.99 a month for 1Mb. Being pioneers in local loop unbundling they have gained favor of many industries, with their innovations made on speed and the price of broadband transmissions. They also assure the customers with even higher speed of up to 22Mb with their newly launched hi-tech technology, ADSL2+. All these features prove in fact to make them more reliable among other service providers.

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