How To Build A Secure Mobile App

1. Involve security team just from the beginning

The mobile development process should involve security team right from the first day. This regardless of whether you are using DevOps, SWOTting, Agile, Rapid or Scrumming. The importance of this is to ensure that the security team is aware of any changes that are made. It is paramount to involve the team dealing with security whenever a change or a revision is done. When this team is consulted it knows the ways account for any issue that might arise.

2. Test as many times as possible

One of the most important aspects of building a code which is secure is QA. It is not advisable to wait until the conclusion of the process to tackle this issue. Instead, it is advisable to review the code every now and then so as to identify any potential security issue. This allows the issues that might be arising to be fixed on time. Developers and any competent mobile app agency London usually have the problem of noticing certain issues towards the end where some of the problems are even inherited from third parties.

3. Avoid assuming the third party dependencies are safe

Developers some times need to include portions of code available for sale of freely from other sources. But the third party code is not safe at all the times where only sixteen percent of developers do trust the third party dependencies that they use. Because of this it is paramount to take time to keenly pick apart the third party modules with an objective of making sure that they are safe.

Open API Chart

4. Be careful when it comes to API

APIs are an integral part of any programming that is backend but they can cause problems mainly because they regularly require facing the outside world. Because of this it is very important to ensure that the APIs that you are using are properly verified for the platform that you are developing on.

5. Have an attacker mentality

It is always helpful to think just the way an attacker might think when writing code. Through thinking like an attacker you will be able to identify the loop holes that might possibly arise. The issues that might seem to be minor might be the areas where the attackers can get opportunities to attack you application. While doing code review you should look for weak points which can be used to break the application. You should ensure you check everything including the things which are not obvious because these are the things that attackers might exploit. This should be even more while considering mobile devices because they are usually subject to an assortment of environmental variables.

6. Minimise Permissions to eliminate attack vectors

The main reason making Zero-trust security so popular is that it assumes nothing and no one when it comes to the network’s security. Because of this only the smallest permission is granted to a machine or a user and this only happens when there is need. It is paramount to ensure that the mobile application is designed in the same manner. If the mobile device does not require a connection which is constant there is no need program it with such connection. Just think your application as a castle and make sure you eliminate all the secret passage ways that might be existing.

7. Mind what is stored in a device

It is important to ensure that the personal data that is stored by an application is moved to a location which is secure on the device you are using. If it is necessary for you to store personal or sensitive information on the device you should encrypt it. This is because such information is at risk of being compromised regardless of whether it is on your device or on the servers. So it is important to take time and determine the most suitable place for the user data for security purposes and for the sake of the user.

8. Ensure data transmission is secure

TLS, VPNs and SSL can be used to secure data which is on transit. Encrypting the data between the sender and the receiver can also be helpful. Consequently, it is important to make a choice so as to ensure that you application is receiving and transmitting data in a secure manner where it cannot be spoofed or intercepted.

9. Make use of tokens to handle sessions

In the modern world tokens are the main way of dealing with user logins is using tokens and this can be confirmed by a competent mobile app Agency London. You should ensure you use them since they can be revoked easily to enhance security of the users and the tokens are also more user-friendly. Some of the most ideal methods of simplifying and securing user logins include OpenID Connect and user OAuth2.

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